Teaching job offer from the National Tsing Hua University

I will serve on faculty of the Music Department of the National Tsing Hua University as an Adjunct Assistant Professor from August 2017.

Open Courses:
Introduction to Musical Instruments / Application of Digital Music in Industry / 20th Century Music / Music Since 1945

Posted April 27, 2017

The latest Cello 4’s album was out on 3/10

The latest Cello 4 ‘s album From Cello 4 was out on 3/10。The work Phantasmagoria that I composed for the group in 2014 is also collected in this album.

For the purchase, please check Five Music,  Kuang Nan, Chia Chia Records, Eslite Bookstore, other record shops and independent bookstores.

More information about the release at:
books.com.tw: http://www.books.com.tw/products/0020197097

Chia Chia Records: https://www.ccr.com.tw/goods/339538

From Cello4 / Cello4

Posted March 30, 2017

Arrangement commission from the 2017 Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival Outdoor Concert — Our Films Our Songs

Commission from the Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra, I arrange Yu-Hsien Teng’s two classic songs U Ia Hoe (The Torment of a Flower) and Bang Chhun Hong (Longing for the Spring Breeze) for the 2017 Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival Outdoor Concert — Our Films Our Songs that will take place on February 25th (Sat) and 26th (Sun) at 7pm in front of the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.

More information about the concerts:





Posted February 9, 2017