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     Welcome to my website. Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions!

My email address:
My Skype account: twcomposer



Commission on scoring for film & visual media:

Shorts in any kinds, with the composer’s name shown on it
Student work: 470 USD per minute

Commercial work: 780 USD per minute 
Sound effects: 20 USD per one

For Internet, within 30 seconds long: 1560 USD

For Internet, within 60 seconds long: 1720 USD
For Internet, within 120 seconds long: 1880 USD
For TV, within 30 seconds long: 2190 USD



One-to-one private lessons:

Composition lesson (Classical, Contemporary, Commercial): 80 USD per hour
Music Theory related lessons (Orchestration, Musical Analysis, Harmony, etc.): 80 USD per hour

*The lessons are basically given at my studio in Taoyuan, Taiwan, however, Skype lessons are also available at students’ requests. (with the same charge)



Please email me for further discussion on any other types of transcription, arrangement, artistic cooperation, invitation for crossover creation, commission on diverse concert music, music production, scoring for feature film, and so on.