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The Persimmon Tree


The Persimmon Tree, as the composer

(Director / Storyboard / Character Design / Art: Yeh, Chao-Chun, Storyboard / Animation /

Character Design / Editing: Wang, Pei-Yun, Storyboard: Tu, An-Ni / Southern Taiwan University

of Science and Technology, Visual Communication Design, Taiwan)

The 53rd Golden Horse Awards Ceremony


Opening Animation, 2016 The 53rd Golden Horse Awards Ceremony, as the composer and the sound designer

(Director / Animator: Po Chou Chi, Taiwan)

Commission from the Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra and the concert The Beauty of Formosa—Affecting melodies belonging to Taiwan

Commission from the  Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra, The Image of Taipei — Day and night, the rise and fall of the light and shadow on Taipei 101 is recorded by the wind orchestra and will be released on CD. This work will also be featured in the concert The Beauty of Formosa—Affecting melodies belonging to Taiwan on October 16th (Sun), 3:30pm at the Performance Hall of the Gangshan Cultural Center.

More information about the concert at:


Commissions for the 2016 My Homeland concert series in Hualien

Produced by pianist Kaiyin Huang, My Homeland concert series launches again in 2016. I am commissioned to re-arrange  the Taiwanese Suite, and also do the arrangements for Hiro Chi’s Sea and Kaiyin Huang’s Breeze for the concert series.

May 6th, 7:30pm Cultural Bureau of Hualien County Auditorium, Hualien

More information about the concert series at:


Commissions for the My Homeland concert series

Commissions from pianist Kaiyin Huang (2015 Ten Outstanding Young Person of Taiwan), I arrange/compose two pieces of music Taiwanese Suite and Ode to Joy Caprice that will be performed by pianist Kaiyin Huang, violinist Shu-Ting Hsu, cellist Tsao-lun Lu, erhuist Wei-Jen Yeh, singer Annie Chen, and tabla player Toshihiro Wakaike in the My Homeland concert series taking place in several events including:

Dec 5th, 7:30pm Auditorium of Music, Taipei

Dec 14th, 7:30pm Zhongcheng Auditorium of Zhongshan Hall, Taipei

Dec 18th, 7:30pm Tainan Cultural Center Auditorium, Tainan

Dec 19th, 7:30pm Daan Forest Park, Taipei

Dec 27th, 7:30pm Seven-Star Park of Tianmu/Beitou, Taipei

More information about the concert series at:


The Appearances of Snow


The Appearances of Snow: Live recording in pianist Chu-Han Huang’s piano recital Brilliance In Gray at the Kaohsiung Music Hall in 2015, October 16th, 7:30pm.

Commissioned and performed by pianist Chu-Han Huang
Written in Aug 2015

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