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The Appearances of Snow


The Appearances of Snow: Live recording in pianist Chu-Han Huang’s piano recital Brilliance In Gray at the Kaohsiung Music Hall in 2015, October 16th, 7:30pm.

Commissioned and performed by pianist Chu-Han Huang
Written in Aug 2015

Another version:

Dream Home — Inspire Q Commercial


Dream Home, Inspire Q furniture company’s animated commercial, as the composer

(Director / Animator: Po Chou Chi, USA)

Commission from pianist Chu-Han Huang for two recitals

My new piano piece, The Appearances of Snow, commissioned by pianist Chu-Han Huang will be featured in his two upcoming piano recitals Brilliance In Gray:

Concert Hall of the Industrial Bank of Taiwan: September 11th, 7pm

Kaohsiung Music Hall: October 16th, 7:30pm

More information about the concerts at:




Chien-Yu Huang: Nocturne

Written in March 2013


Interview for the “News Read” of BCC’s News Radio, sharing my compositional development and thoughts

Invited by pianist Ms. Kaiyin Huang, the radio interview by host Mr. Chung-hsin Hu, sharing my compositional development and thoughts, will be broadcast between 2:10pm and 3pm on August 15th (Sat.) in the “News Read of the News Radio, BCC.

Program rebroadcast time:
August 16th (Sun.), 1am-2am

More information about the interview at:

The Drifting Fate of Hakka: Confront, Slaughter, Behead


Neo-Classic Dance The Drifting Fate of Hakka: Confront, Slaughter, Behead