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Dream Home — Inspire Q Commercial


Dream Home, Inspire Q furniture company’s animated commercial, as the composer

(Director / Animator: Po Chou Chi, USA)

Commission from pianist Chu-Han Huang for two recitals

My new piano piece, The Appearances of Snow, commissioned by pianist Chu-Han Huang will be featured in his two upcoming piano recitals Brilliance In Gray:

Concert Hall of the Industrial Bank of Taiwan: September 11th, 7pm

Kaohsiung Music Hall: October 16th, 7:30pm

More information about the concerts at:




Chien-Yu Huang: Nocturne

Written in March 2013


Sleep Well, Sleep Tight


Sleep Well, Sleep Tight features Eastwest Bechstein piano.


It may be the first time I played the prestigious Bechstein, not a real Bechstein piano, but its virtual samples made by Eastwest.


Based on the samples, I feel Bechstein’s mid and low registers are quite clear and exquisite, and somehow remind me of Steinway, but the upper register sounds too hollow or too sharp to me. I desire more mellow taste!


Prayers for Japan for the devastating quakes and tsunamis happened on March 10, 2011. (LA time zone)


Written in the night of March 10, 2011.