Sea is a trio for Violin, Cello, and Piano that I composed in the winter of 2009.


In the past year, I have drawn inspiration from movies and other visual arts including illustration, design, and architecture. All of them give me huge impact influencing the philosophy of my writing.


Although I had only thought about music for short animations and films in the past whole year, I started writing Sea as a piece for live concert as I suddenly desired to do so. In this work, I not only consider dissonant modern acoustics and the techniques of contemporary classical music but also dig deeper into fascinating harmony and vibes that are somehow triggered from the diverse arts interesting me. I attempt to blend post-modern sound and filmic styles together and see if I can explore some new frontiers of fantasy and romance. Thus, the music possesses an artistic value while remaining accessible or even entertaining to its audience.


Through its six parts, Sea illustrates the kaleidoscopic nature of the ocean. It is build up with the sections in order:

Sea’s Width and Fantasy, Sea’s Intangible Waves, Sea’s Mystery and Unease, Sea’s Whispers and Tenderness, Sea’s Surge, and Sea’s Tranquility.