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Teaching job offer from the Fu Jen Catholic University

I will serve on faculty of the Music Department of the Fu Jen Catholic University as an Adjunct Assistant Professor from September 2014.

Open Courses:
Music Composition / Applied Music Composition / Orchestration / Computer Application and Basic Music Notation Software / The Fundamentals & Extensive Usages of Finale Computer Notation / Arrangement and Advanced Music Notation Software (Cubase) / Music Analysis



Nostalgia is an adaption of my previous work Sleep Well, Sleep Tight.


After finishing Sleep Well, Sleep Tight, a pianist friend pursuing his D.M.A. degree had the intention to play it as an encore for his lecture concert, but initially I wrote that one to be more pop music sound and personally didn’t think it could work well in an academic activity.


So, I decided to adapt it into this Nostalgia. I only kept the first phrase of the original composition but recomposed the rest of it to make the taste more classical and moderate. And that’s what you’re listening to now.





Chien-Yu Huang: Tranquil